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Hi and welcome to Streaky2Klean.

This business has been set up in 2023 by two ladies Sam and Kirsty (S&k) who have a passion to clean and help the public.

We cover all areas within Dorset and Hampshire.

Our motto is that no job is to big or to small for us and we will apply our skills and knowledge to get the best results of the job at hand. We are known for delivering a service showing quality and integrity.

About Us

Some pictures of our work

Our Services


Deep Clean

We are highly known for our deep cleans. Customers walk away with the satisfaction knowing their home is spotless.

We will meet you to go through the clean and ask if there is anything else you would like to add to the list.

for example of the list...

clean skirting boards, Blinds, window's, behind furniture and where ever we see a speck of dust. 

This service can take 4-6 hours sometimes more


Moving In/out 

Our move in/out cleaning services includes top to bottom deep cleaning, oven and carpet cleaning if required, internal window cleaning, fridge/freezer supply of material's and equipment as well as appliances.

You name it we will clean it 

(apart from painted walls)


Air B&B

We take care of the most time-consuming, least glamorous parts of running an Air B&B.

It means you can focus on booking in new guests, Providing a great service, working at your day job or even spending time with friends or family.

And you can relax knowing its being taken care of by streaky2klean

Cleaning Tables


Whether it comes to an office block, salon or a pub. we are more then happy to sit down with you 1-1 and go over what you would like.

We would go though your requirements and meet them with our high standards 



This is a weekly or bi weekly cleaning service which includes all cleaning duties tailored to your needs,

We will come in and do all the basic clean I.E hoovering, Dusting, kitchen, bathroom,skirting boards etc

We will make the Beds for £5 that includes stripping the beds and putting fresh bedding on 


bathroom 2.jpg

One off clean

This is a one off spring clean.

Its an Intense and thorough cleaning of your home.

The cleaning visit can take up to 6 hours depending on the size and condition of your home.

We will make your home is spotless while your at work or other activities.

This service normality takes about 4-6 hours 

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